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Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy may rejoice in Thee?

Psalm 85:6


Mr Gbile Akanni is a Nigerian evangelist with a particular burden to see God's people and work revive. We have enjoyed the Lord's blessing through his ministry on several occasions. Click on the sermon title to listen

We have removed these recordings from our website (because they 6+ years old), but have been requested to replace them, as they continue to be a blessing.

Sermon Title & Description Scripture Date
Return to the Father:- A sermon based on the prodigal son. Luke 15:11-32 09/04/2008
My Cutting Edge:- Lessons from the lost axe head which was made to float 2 Kings 6:1-7 10/04/2008
New Cruse and Salt - God's touch upon a contaminated water supply 2 Kings 2:18-22 11/04/2008


A further series of messages preached in May 2011 in N. Ireland by brother Akanni

Title Venue
Inner Life of a Minister Lisburn Renewing Strength Conference
Tripod of Effective Ministry Lisburn Renewing Strength Conference
The Crucial Priority of a Minister Lisburn Renewing Strength Conference
Christ's Passion of Intimacy with Us Omagh IMC
Your Passion for God Omagh IMC
Humble Thyself Omagh IMC

Victorious Christian Living

A Sermon Recorded in 2013 in Fintona Independent Methodist Church

Victorious Christian Living (Importance of the New Birth) By Gbile Akanni

Studies in the Life of Jacob

Downloads available below!

Topic -Click Title to Download Singer Date
The Heart of the Problem Nathanael Brown 06/03/2016
Jacob's Ladder Peter Mander 07/03/2016
Jacob Makes A Promise Aiken Sisters 08/03/2016
God Keeps His Promise Gordon Quinn 09/03/2016
The Disaster of Being Your Own Master Alison Brown 10/03/2016
Jacob Makes A Decision Youth Fellowship 11/03/2016
Jacob's Personal Sunrise Ladies Group 13/03/2016


The Early Parables of Christ's Ministry

Sermon Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Treasure in the House Matt 13:52 Paul A. Johnston 14/08/2016
The Net Full of Fish Matt 13:47-50 Paul A. Johnston 07/08/2016
Pearl of Great Price Matt 13:45-46 Paul A. Johnston 31/07/2016
Hidden Treasure Matt 13:44 Paul A. Johnston 24/07/2016
Hidden Leaven Matt 13:33 Paul A. Johnston 17/07/2016
The Lame Man Leaps Acts 3 Dale Johnston 10/07/2016
Understanding Jesus Matt 14 David Wilson 03/07/2016
The Mustard Seed Matt 13:31 Paul A. Johnston 19/06/2016
The Righteous Shall Shine Matt 13:43 Paul A. Johnston 12/06/2016
Spiritual Multiplication John 4.14 Paul A. Johnston 05/06/2016
The True Seed Matt 13:24 Paul A. Johnston 29/05/2016
The 4 Soils Part 4 Luke 8 Paul A. Johnston 22/05/2016
The 4 Soils Part 3 Mark 4 Paul A. Johnston 15/05/2016
The 4 Soils Part 2 Matt 13 Paul A. Johnston 08/05/2016
The 4 Soils Part 1 Matt 13 Paul A. Johnston 01/05/2016
New Garment, New Wine Luke 5 Paul A. Johnston 24/04/2016
Rejoicing with the Bridegroom Matt 9 Paul A. Johnston 17/04/2016
Christian Institute Meeting Isaiah 59 Callum Webster 10/04/2016
The Two Debtors Luke 7.36-50 Paul A. Johnston 03/04/2016